US Youth Soccer
2018 Publix Palmetto Academy Cup

Helpful Event Information

Academy Cup Rules


Team Check-in will be located at Tournament Headquarters which will be located near fields 1 & 2. Teams are expected to check-in prior to their first match on Saturday to pick up their team goodie bag.

Check-in will only require that we see that you have

A) 4 copies of your tournament roster (1 for each game you could play) 

B) Copy of a medical release for each player in case someone were to get hurt.

(Click to see Medical Release)



Prepare to arrive extra early to your matches this weekend. Parking will be hard to find inside the complex this weekend. 18 fields squeezed in tight means a lot of cars in not a lot of spaces. Try to park in the lot nearest your fields to help the flow of traffic in each location.

If you have any questions about the event please contact Brandon Nichols

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